Agrofresh is an agric-tech platform that produces high quality farm produce. Our mandate is to contribute to food security in Nigeria and provide a healthy means of engaging people with agricultural from a profit driven perspective.

Kuku Garri

Check out our KukuGarri brand.
It comes in two types ;our KukuGarri sold in different Kilogram sizes ranging from 1-100kg bags and Our KukuGarri on the Go.
It comes in a pack [6cups ] sold at N1200. It's content includes a well refined/filtered Garri, milk, sugar and roasted nut

Plantain Plantation

With over one thousand Plantain trees planted in our farm, we still desire to do more.
Plantain is a good source of iron. Feel free to order for as many bunches as you wish. We are right here to deliver it to you.

Poultry Farming

AgroFresh is planning to set up a poultry farm with capacity of over five thousand birds and when finished, will be one of the largest Poultry farm house in our locality.  The idea is to provide quality eggs and meat to meet the demands and desires of our esteem customers.

Proudvita & Farmvita

ProudVita is our Plantain flour which will hit the market in few months from now. It provides industries alternative means to corn and Cassava flours and also a good food for diabetic patients.  FarmVita is our Cassava flour can be likened to the popular "Fufu" and also serves as alternative to corn flour for industries and households across the country.


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